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    Weight   Product Name   Buy Now   Price/Package+ 
 Liver   1.00 lb(s)   Liver  Buy 1 'Liver' now   $3.50(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Stew Meat   1.00 lb(s)   Stew Meat  Buy 1 'Stew Meat' now   $6.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Farmer Style Sausage - Beef/Pork   1.00 lb(s)   Farmer Style Sausage - Beef/Pork  Buy 1 'Farmer Style Sausage - Beef/Pork' now   $6.50(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Hamburger - 4 Patties   1.00 lb(s)   Hamburger - 4 Patties  Buy 1 'Hamburger - 4 Patties' now   $6.50(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Tenderized Round Steak   1.25 lb(s)   Tenderized Round Steak  Buy 1 'Tenderized Round Steak' now   $6.50(Sold by 1.25 lb(s)  
 Ground Beef - Bulk   1.00 lb(s)   Ground Beef - Bulk  Buy 1 'Ground Beef - Bulk' now   $7.50(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Soup Bones   2.00 lb(s)   Soup Bones  Buy 1 'Soup Bones' now   $7.50(Sold by 2.00 lb(s)  
 MSG Free/Nitrate Free Hotdogs - Beef(8/pkg)   1.00 lb(s)   MSG Free/Nitrate Free Hotdogs - Beef(8/pkg)  Buy 1 'MSG Free/Nitrate Free Hotdogs - Beef(8/pkg)' now   $8.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Beef Short Ribs   1.75 lb(s)   Beef Short Ribs  Buy 1 'Beef Short Ribs' now   $9.50(Sold by 1.75 lb(s)  
 Beef Flat Stix (8/pkg)   1.00 lb(s)   Beef Flat Stix (8/pkg)  Buy 1 'Beef Flat Stix (8/pkg)' now   $11.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Beef Summer Stix (8/pkg)   1.00 lb(s)   Beef Summer Stix (8/pkg)  Buy 1 'Beef Summer Stix (8/pkg)' now   $11.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Summer Sausage-All Natural   1.00 lb(s)   Summer Sausage-All Natural  Buy 1 'Summer Sausage-All Natural' now   $11.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
 Top Sirloin Steak   1.10 lb(s)   Top Sirloin Steak  Buy 1 'Top Sirloin Steak' now   $15.00(Sold by 1.10 lb(s)  
 Arm Roast   3.25 lb(s)   Arm Roast  Buy 1 'Arm Roast' now   $19.50(Sold by 3.25 lb(s)  
 Chuck Roast   3.25 lb(s)   Chuck Roast  Buy 1 'Chuck Roast' now   $19.50(Sold by 3.25 lb(s)  
 Boneless Ribeye Steak   1.10 lb(s)   Boneless Ribeye Steak  Buy 1 'Boneless Ribeye Steak' now   $20.00(Sold by 1.10 lb(s)  
 New York Strip (2/pkg)   1.20 lb(s)   New York Strip (2/pkg)  Buy 1 'New York Strip (2/pkg)' now   $20.00(Sold by 1.20 lb(s)  
 Rump Roast   3.00 lb(s)   Rump Roast  Buy 1 'Rump Roast' now   $22.00(Sold by 3.00 lb(s)  
 Sirloin Tip Roast   3.00 lb(s)   Sirloin Tip Roast  Buy 1 'Sirloin Tip Roast' now   $22.00(Sold by 3.00 lb(s)  
 Beef Tenderloin (2/pkg)   1.00 lb(s)   Beef Tenderloin (2/pkg)  Buy 1 'Beef Tenderloin (2/pkg)' now   $27.00(Sold by 1.00 lb(s)  
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